Mid Wales Bowling Association

Affiliated to the Welsh Bowling Association

Veterans Rinks League Fixtures 2021


3rd June at Builth

Builth v Tigers
Talgarth v Hay
Spartans v Wyesiders
Undertakers v Spa
Presteigne v Brecon
Hay Bluff v Llandrindod
10th June at Llandrindod

Tigers v Undertakers
Builth v Talgarth
Hay v Brecon
Wyesiders v Presteigne
Llandrindod v Spa
Hay Bluff v Spartans
17th June at Presteigne

Presteigne v Builth
Tigers v Hay
Wyesiders v Hay Bluff
Talgarth v Llandrindod
Undertakers v Spartans
Spa v Brecon
24th June at Hay

Hay v Hay Bluff
Undertakers v Talgarth
Spartans v Tigers
Builth v Llandrindod
Spa v Presteigne
Brecon v Wyesiders
1st July at Talgarth

Talgarth v Brecon
Builth v Undertakers
Llandrindod v Tigers
Spa v Spartans
Hay v Wyesiders
Hay Bluff v Presteigne
8th July at Brecon

Talgarth v Tigers
Spa v Builth
Undertakers v Hay Bluff
Wyesiders v Llandrindod
Spartans v Brecon
Hay v Presteigne
15th July at Knighton

Wyesiders v Undertakers
Llandrindod v Brecon
Tigers v Spa
Talgarth v Presteigne
Builth v Hay Bluff
Hay v Spartans
22nd July at Llandrindod

Hay Bluff v Talgarth
Undertakers v Presteigne
Tigers v Brecon
Hay v Builth
Wyesiders v Spa
Llandrindod v Spartans

29th July at Hay

Talgarth v Spartans
Undertakers v Hay
Brecon v Builth
Llandrindod v Presteigne
Wyesiders v Tigers
Spa v Hay Bluff

5th August at Presteigne

Hay v Spa
Builth v Spartans
Presteigne v Tigers
Talgarth v Wyesiders
Brecon v Hay Bluff
Undertakers v Llandrindod
12th August at Builth

Hay v Llandrindod
Brecon v Undertakers
Wyesiders v Builth
Spa v Talgarth
Spartans v Presteigne
Hay Bluff v Tigers
  • All matches to be played on the date as per the fixture list, commencing at 2.00pm, no match to start before 1.45pm
  • Any matches cancelled due to inclement weather will be re-arranged by the management committee.
  • If a club can not play on the designated day, the fixture must be re-arranged before the season starts and the County Secretary informed.   
  • If any other matches are cancelled, the offending team will forfeit two points to the opposition, who will be awarded an average shots for and against for the match, from matches played that day.  
  • 18 ends of play with 1 shot on first two ends.  2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
  • The home club to provide and collect the score cards and send to Mr Graham Rees This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Matches will be played under the laws of the game.
  • No entry fees or green fees, as it is anticipated the matches will be played on a reciprocal basis.
  • Dress will be greys and a white or club shirt.

We hope that everyone taking part will enjoy a competitive afternoon's bowling between friends.