Mid Wales Bowling Association

Affiliated to the Welsh Bowling Association

Mid Wales League Fixtures 2022


First Half
Before or on Saturday 1 May

Brecon v Presteigne
Llandrindod v Knighton
Rhayader v Builth 
Hay v Talgarth

Spa bye
Between 24 April & 8 May

Brecon v Hay
Builth v Llandrindod
Talgarth v Presteigne

Spa v Rhayader
Knighton bye
Between 1 May & 15 May

Llandrindod v Rhayader
Presteigne v Hay
Knighton v Builth

Spa v Brecon
Talgarth bye
Between 8 May & 22 May

Rhayader v Knighton
Talgarth v Brecon

Presteigne v Spa
Hay v Llandrindod
Builth bye
Between 15 May & 29 May

Llandrindod v Soa
Rhayader v Presteigne
Hay v Builth
Knighton v Talgarth
Brecon bye
Between 22 May & 5 June

Presteigne v Builth
Talgarth v Spa
Hay v Rhayader
Knighton v Brecon
Llandrindod bye
Between 29 May & 12 June

Llandrindod v Talgarth
Builth v Spa
Hay v Knighton
Rhayader v Brecon
Presteigne bye
Between 5 June & 19 June

Spa v Hay
Brecon v Llandrindod
Knighton v Presteigne
Builth v Talgarth
Rhayader bye
Between 12 June & 26 June

Presteigne v Llandrindod
Brecon v Builth
Talgarth v Rhayader
Spa v Knighton
Hay bye
N.B. Carruthers Shield games in red. Open Draw Dates are: 11th June, 9th July, 23rd July & 30th July
Second Half
Between 19 June & 3 July

Knighton v Llandrindod
Presteigne v Brecon
Talgarth v Hay
Builth v Rhayader
Spa bye
Between 26 June & 10 July

Presteigne v Talgarth
Llandrindod v Builth
Hay v Brecon
Rhayader v Spa
Knighton bye
Between 3 July & 17 July

Rhayader v Llandrindod
Hay v Presteigne
Builth v Knighton
Brecon v Spa
Talgarth bye
Between 10 July & 24 July

Knighton v Rhayader
Brecon v Talgarth
Spa v Presteigne
Llandrindod v Hay
Builth bye

Between 17 July & 31 July

Presteigne v Rhayader
Builth v Hay
Talgarth v Knighton
Spa v Llandrindod
Brecon bye

Between 24 July & 7 Aug

Brecon v Knighton
Builth v Presteigne
Rhayader v Hay
Spa v Talgarth
Llandrindod bye
Between 31 July & 14 Aug

Spa v Builth
Talgarth v Llandrindod
Knighton v Hay
Brecon v Rhayader
Presteigne bye
Between 7 Aug & 21 Aug

Hay v Spa
Llandrindod v Brecon
Presteigne v Knighton 
Talgarth v Builth
Rhayader bye
Between 14 Aug & 28 Aug

Knighton v Spa
Rhayader v Talgarth
Builth v Brecon
Llandrindod v Presteigne
Hay bye
  • All matches shall be arranged to be played during the two week window ending on a Sunday, as the above fixture list, or on any agreed day during those two weeks. 
  • Arrangements MUST be finalised before the commencement of the season.
  • Games will start at 6:00pm or 6:30pm in midweek and 3.00pm on a Saturday.
  • From 7th August all midweek games will commence at 6:00pm unless otherwise agreed with opponents. All clubs should play matches on the dates in the designated two weeks. If clubs cannot agree on a suitable date, the match will be played on the last Sunday as per the fixture list. The County Secretary MUST be informed in writing before the season starts of any changes to the fixture list.
  • If any match is cancelled the Club cancelling will be deducted 6 points, unless the match is cancelled under circumstances in accordance with Rule (d) of the competition rules.  The cancelled match is to be played on a new date agreed by the clubs concerned and MUST be rearranged within 14 days of cancellation.
  • Please send all results by email to Mr Graham Rees This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 48 hours of completion of the match, BOTH TEAMS TO DO THIS. It is expected that every player will up hold the etiquette of the game of bowls at all times.