Mid Wales Bowling Association

Affiliated to the Welsh Bowling Association

Senior Singles 2022

To be played by the dates shown

Round1 Round 2 Round 3 Semi-Final  Final
by 5th June by 19th June by 1st July by 12th July  16th July
G Moorhouse (P) J Owen (K) 10 G O'Keefe (P) 21  G O'Keefe (P)   G O'Keefe (P) 14
J Owen (K) w/o 
P Carey (T) 6 G O'Keefe (P) 21
G O'Keefe (P) 21
               B Ledbury (LL) 20 B Jones (LL) 11
B Jones (LL) 21
R Price (P) 21 R Price (P) 18 R Wall (Bu)  
P Johnson (Bu) 13
K Price (LL) 13 R Wall (Bu) 21 
R Wall (Bu) 21
R Davies (P) 7 D Davies (Bu) 8 M Smith (P)    D Weale (P) 21
D Davies (Bu) 21
M Smith (P)  w/o M Smith (P)  21
L Lewis (T) -
A Bates (Bu)  15 D Weale (P) 21 D Weale (P)  
D Weale (P) 21
A Scott (K)  20 J Jones (Bu) 4
J Jones (Bu) 21



  • Winner to let Competition Secretary D Weale know the result within 48 hours
  • Home player to give 3 non-consecutive dates to their opponent.
  • 1st Round to be played by 5th June
  • 2nd Round to be played by 19th June
  • 3rd Round to be played by 1st July
  • Semi-Final to be played by 12th July
  • Final to be played at County Finals Day.