Mid Wales Bowling Association

Affiliated to the Welsh Bowling Association

Open Singles 2023

The Open singles will be played at Builth Wells on 3rd June arrive at 9.30am
with the draw being done on the day, 10.00am start, possibly 3 rounds.
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Semi-Final Final
3rd June 10am 3rd June 3rd June 19th June 6.30pm 15th July
T James (R) 11 R Wall (Bu) 21 R Wall (Bu) 10 K Jones (P) 17   J Dodds (P) 17  
R Wall (Bu) 21
J James (Bu) 6 R Price (P) 20
R Price (P) 21
K Francis (Bu) 21 K Francis (Bu) 12 K Jones (P) 21
B Dodds (P) 8
P Johnson (Bu) 20 K Jones (P) 21
K Jones (P) 21
R Evans (LL) 21 R Evans (LL) 10  J Dodds (P) 21 J Dodds (P) 21 
G Lawrence (P) 14
J Dodds (P) 21 J Dodds (P) 21 
M Jones (Bu) 13
L Griffiths (Bu) 11 V Arnold (K) 16 J Owen (K) 13
V Arnold (K) 21
S Bailey (Bu) 13 J Owen (K) 21
J Owen (K) 21
    K Stephens (Bu) 21 K Stephens (Bu) 21 K Stephens (Bu) 14 R Weale (P) 21
    S Roff (LL) 13
    T Worts (Bu) 21 T Worts (Bu) 6
    D Sutherland (Bu) 11
    N Price (LL) 21 N Price (LL) 19 R Weale (P) 21
    J Gibbs (K) 14
    R Weale (P) 21 R Weale (P) 21
    A Bates (Bu) 11


  • Draw to be made on 1st day of competition
  • The draw will appear here after the first round.
  • Final will be played on County Finals Day.