Mid Wales Bowling Association

Affiliated to the Welsh Bowling Association


The Association will hold annually the following competitions for male members:-

A Club League Competition, A one RInk Veterans League Competition, Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, Under 18 Singles, Under 25 Singles, Senior Singles, Senior Pairs, Senior Triples, Senior Rink Competitions.

Club Competition and Carruthers Shield

  1. All affiliated clubs must play in this competition unless for a specific reason they are given permission not to participate by the Management Committee. Any such permission must be applied for in writing, to the Secretary, before 31st December prior to the season in question.
  2. Clubs will play all other clubs twice during the season. They will be given a fixture list by the County Secretary and all fixtures shall be arranged to be played during that two week window ending on a Sunday. The home club to offer 2 dates for either week, if clubs cannot agree a date, the match will be played on the last Sunday starting at a time to be agreed. Any club can bring a fixture forward with the agreement of their opponents, but the club requesting the change of fixture must give a reason to the County Secretary in writing before the season starts.
  3. All matches should commence by the latest at 6.30 p.m.
    18 ends will be played unless otherwise agreed due to inclement weather. If inclement weather curtails a match then if an overall 60 ends have been played the result at that stage will stand [four rink match], for a six rink match the number of overall ends will be 90.
  4. A Mid-Wales league fixture should never be cancelled, a fixture can only be postponed due to inclement weather and unplayable greens, Carruthers Shield commitments or bereavement within the club. Clubs who postpone a fixture for any reason other than those mentioned will be deducted 6 points immediately from their points total. This rule to also apply if a club brings a game forward without permission from the management committee.
    If a fixture is postponed for any of the reasons mentioned above, a new date for that fixture must be agreed to within fourteen days of the postponement (not necessary to be played within those fourteen days) and a club must give two days notice to their opponents of the circumstances necessitating the postponement, except for inclement weather.
  5. Clubs failing to fulfil a fixture in the competition shall be eliminated from the competition and all their match scores involving other clubs shall be expunged.
  6. If after 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, one player is absent from one or more teams in a side game, the game shall continue, but the number of bowls played by each defaulting team must be made up by the lead and second both playing three bowls each. A quarter of the shots scored (including decimal places) by each defaulting team must be deducted from their score after the game has finished. This rule to include the veterans league, who may play with 3 players if one team is short.
  7. A win shall count for 6 points and a draw for 3 points. Each winning rink will count as 2 points and drawing rink 1 point. At the end of the season the team with the most points will be declared League Champions. In the event of a tie the team with the highest shot difference will be taken into consideration. At the termination of each match, responsible officers of both clubs shall sign a declaration of the result and forward it to the results co-ordinator within 48 hours of the match finishing, or both club secretaries can email the result to the results co-ordinator.

Veterans League

Clubs may enter teams in the League consisting of four players and all matches to be played on the date shown on the fixture list. Any club with more than one team in the league must give a list of players playing for each team to the County Secretary before the season starts. These lists may be added to during the season and the County Secretary informed, but there will be no moving between teams once the season starts. Any matches postponed due to inclement weather will be arranged by the Management Committee. If a club cannot play on the date specified the fixture must be re-arranged before the start of the season and the County Secretary informed. If the matches are postponed without going through the specified procedure the offending team will lose 2 points to their opposition who will also be awarded an average shot difference for and against for the match.
Play will be 18 ends and 1 shot on the first two ends. A win will be 2 points and draw 1 point. All the score cards will be sent by the host club to the results co-ordinator within 48 hours of the completion of the match. Matches will be played according to the "Laws of the Game". There will be no entry fee or green fee and dress will be greys and white or club shirt.

Any dispute on any matter e.g. postponed fixtures etc. shall be decided by a committee comprising of one member from each club (excluding club/s involved in the dispute) and the President will chair the meeting.

Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours

  1. A Singles Competition is open to all affiliated club members.
  2. Open Pairs, Triples and Fours Competitions are open to a combination of competitors from the same club and shall be, Pairs and Rinks 21 ends, Triples 18 ends, Senior Pairs and Senior Rinks shall be 18 ends.
  3. Competitions shall be run as open competitions throughout the County.
  4. Entries for all competitions with the appropriate fees must be in the hands of the Competition Secretary on the appropriate form by a date already specified. Entries and fees not received by the stipulated date will not be included in the competition draw. A player cannot play in a competition without having first paid his entry fees.
  5. Play must be conducted in accordance with the draw and a player or players drawing a home game must offer their opponent/s at least three dates on which the tie can be played, but they should not be consecutive or only on weekends. If any of the three dates are not acceptable the match will be played on the final date for the round as indicated on the draw sheet.
  6. Any player who refuses to play on one of the three dates offered by the home player or fails to appear on the date specified on the draw sheet will be disqualified from the competition.
  7. The Competition Secretary must be notified by the winners of the results of the game within 48 hours of it having been played. The scorecard of all matches should be sent to the Competition Secretary, giving the names of all the players plus the name of the reserve, if used.
  8. Finals of all competitions shall be played on a specified date and venue and all players must wear regulation dress for all finals (white or club trousers or tailored white shorts and white or club shirt) For early rounds grey or club trousers or tailored grey shorts and white or club shirt).
  9. A player can only enter once in a competition.
  10. A player on International duty may have dispensation to play his final round as soon as possible on returning from duty. This only applies to a singles competition and if the player is in a team competition then a reserve must be used in his absence.
  11. All County Matches and County Finals will be played at Llandrindod Wells if the greens are available.
  12. Any incidents not covered by these rules should be referred to the WBA competition rules or to the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Third Edition.
  13. No mobile phones shall be carried onto the green during any Mid Wales league match or any of our County competitions. No smoking or alcohol consumption shall take place on the greens.

Please note:-

W.B.A. and Mid-Wales matches and competitions take precedence over all other tournaments and competitions.

Competitors who reach the County finals must be prepared to play the finals on the date and time specified on the finals draw sheet.

County Finals must be completed by the Saturday before entries have to be sent in for the Welsh National Finals. All dates arranged for completion of the rounds and finals must be complied with and if they are not then competitors will be eliminated.

Players involved in County Matches should all wear regulation dress on the green i.e. county shirts, white trousers or white shorts, white or brown shoes, white hat and in the event of wet weather white waterproofs.

All players arriving for County Matches should wear blazers, white shirts, county ties and grey trousers and also wear the same dress for the meal after the game.

When a player makes himself available for county selection he should be prepared to play in the position for which he has been selected.

Last updated January 2018