Veterans Rinks League Fixtures 2018

First Half
19th April at Builth

Talgarth v Hay
Presteigne v Honddu
Spartans v Wyesiders
Spa v Undertakers
Builth v Beacons
Hay Bluff v Llandrindod
Bye Tigers
26th April at Llandrindod

Presteigne v Undertakers
Llandrindod v Spa
Tigers v Honddu
Wyesiders v Builth
Spartans v Talgarth
Hay Bluff v Beacons
Bye Hay
3rd May at Presteigne

Talgarth v Builth
Spartans v Hay
Wyesiders v Hay Bluff
Presteigne v Llandrindod
Tigers v Undertakers
Spa v Beacons
Bye Honddu
8th May at Knighton

Hay v Builth
Hay Bluff v Talgarth
Honddu v Undertakers
Tigers v Llandrindod
Beacons v Presteigne
Spa v Wyesiders
Bye Spartans
10th May at Hay

Tigers v Beacons
Hay v Hay Bluff
Llandrindod v Honddu
Talgarth v Spa
Builth v Spartans
Presteigne v Wyesiders
Bye Undertakers
17th May at Brecon

Spartans v Hay Bluff
Presteigne v Talgarth
Honddu v Beacons
Wyesiders v Tigers
Undertakers v Llandrindod
Hay v Spa
Bye Builth
24th May at Builth

Hay v Presteigne
Wyesiders v Honddu
Spa v Spartans
Beacons v Undertakers
Builth v Hay Bluff
Talgarth v Tigers
Bye Llandrindod
31st May at Llandrindod

Undertakers v Wyesiders
Spa v Builth
Llandrindod v Beacons
Hay v Tigers
Talgarth v Honddu
Presteigne v Spartans
Bye Hay Bluff
7th June at Talgarth

Spartans v Tigers
Builth v Presteigne
Hay Bluff v Spa
Wyesiders v Llandrindod
Undertakers v Talgarth
Hay v Honddu
Bye Beacons
12th June at Llandrindod

Undertakers v Hay
Talgarth v Llandrindod
Wyesiders v Beacons
Honddu v Spartans
Tigers v Builth
Hay Bluff v Presteigne
Bye Spa

14th June at Hay

Honddu v Builth
Undertakers v Spartans
Spa v Presteigne
Tigers v Hay Bluff
Talgarth v Beacons
Llandrindod v Hay
Bye Wyesiders

21st June at Brecon

Spa v Tigers
Wyesiders v Talgarth
Hay v Beacons
Hay Bluff v Honddu
Builth v Undertakers
Spartans v Llandrindod
Bye Presteigne

28th June at Presteigne

Presteigne v Tigers
Hay v Wyesiders
Honddu v Spa
Beacons v Spartans
Hay Bluff v Undertakers
Llandrindod v Builth
Bye Talgarth

Second Half
5th July at Knighton

Hay v Talgarth
Honddu v Presteigne
Wyesiders v Spartans
Undertakers v Spa
Beacons v Builth
Llandrindod v Hay Bluff
Bye Tigers
12th July at Builth

Undertakers v Presteigne
Spa v Llandrindod
Honddu v Tigers
Builth v Wyesiders
Talgarth v Spartans
Beacons v Hay Bluff
Bye Hay
19th July at Llandrindod

Llandrindod v Presteigne
Hay v Spartans
Hay Bluff v Wyesiders
Builth v Talgarth
Undertakers v Tigers
v Spa
Bye Honddu
26th July at Presteigne

Builth v Hay
Talgarth v Hay Bluff
Honddu v Undertakers
Llandrindod v Tigers
Wyesiders v Spa
Presteigne v Beacons
Bye Spartans
31st July at Hay

Honddu v Llandrindod
Presteigne v Wyesiders
Hay v Hay Bluff
Beacons v Tigers
Spa v Talgarth
Spartans v Builth
Bye Undertakers
2nd August at Talgarth

Spartans v Spa
Tigers v Talgarth
Undertakers v Beacons
Hay Bluff v Builth
Presteigne v Hay
Honddu v Wyesiders
Bye Llandrindod
9th August at Brecon

Talgarth v Presteigne
Tigers v Wyesiders
Beacons v Honddu
Spa v Hay
Llandrindod v Undertakers
Hay Bluff v Spartans
Bye Builth
16th August at Builth

Builth v Spa
Wyesiders v Undertakers
Beacons v Llandrindod
Tigers v Hay
Honddu v Talgarth
Spartans v Presteigne
Bye Hay Bluff
23rd Aug at Llandrindod

Tigers v Spartans
Spa v Hay Bluff
Llandrindod v Wyesiders
Talgarth v Undertakers
Honddu v Hay
Presteigne v Builth
Bye Beacons
Tues 28th August at Hay

Undertakers v Hay
Builth v Tigers
Beacons v Wyesiders
Llandrindod v Talgarth
Presteigne v Hay Bluff
Spartans v Honddu
Bye Spa
30th August at Presteigne

Wyesiders v Hay
Tigers v Presteigne
Spa v Honddu
Builth v Llandrindod
Spartans v Beacons
Undertakers v Hay Bluff
Bye Talgarth

6th Sept at Llandrindod

Builth v Honddu
Presteigne v Spa
Hay Bluff v Tigers
Beacons v Talgarth
Hay v Llandrindod
Spartans v Undertakers
Bye Wyesiders

13th Sept at Brecon

Talgarth v Wyesiders
Beacons v Hay
Honddu v Hay Bluff
Undertakers v Builth
Llandrindod v Spartans
Tigers v Spa
Bye Presteigne

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We hope that everyone taking part will enjoy a competitive afternoon's bowling between friends.